Integrated Manufacturing

Fully Integrated Manufacturing

We have total control over all key components of production, combined with complete checking of each manufacturing process, ensures us supplying good quality products for every customer of Sinway.

Aluminum, metal, stainless steel, tubular part Processing
CNC bending machines
Aging furnace
Stamping facilities
Copper Welding and Co2 welding
aluminum extrusion molding
metal and aluminum processing
steel tubular parts, die cast parts, cast iron parts

Product Finishing
Manual powder coating and automatic powder coating
Liquid Spray painting
Chrome plating
Anodizing Finish
Hot stamping

Plastic Injection Molding
We can design and build plastic molds by ourselves, we have 100 to 500 tons molding machines in order to handle large and small parts.

We work closely with our material suppliers to provide balance of properties of your needs, we can recommend the best material to give best performance to your products.

We are using following materials for plastic: ABS, PE, POM, Rubber, PA, PVC, PP, PBT, TPE,PMMA, PU, EVA, Compounded materials.

Fabric Decoration 

We use non-toxic, fire-retardant and anti-allergenic fabrics to produce cushions, cloth bags, etc.

Test Equipment

Wheelchair Fatigue Test 
Corrosiveness Test Machine
Wheelchair Impact Test 
Torsion Test
IT Micro Computer Digital Material Test
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