Our Value

Sinway Medical exists to enhance the quality of life of the people we touch


Filial piety

China is a country pay attention to the filial piety culture, hundred good filial first, in China, the filial piety culture is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In our company, we are also the filial piety culture as one of our corporate culture, filial piety, care for the elderly, pay attention to the handicapped, giving them the greatest help and care, let them have a better life

We focus on our field, regard customer’s needs at first place, we are committed to develop and produce those products easy operating but well solving your problems, make your life better!


we keep communicating with customers and users to design good products, we are involved in the elderly and disable’s daily life and continuously give enquiry to their life and find good solution to their life.

Our goal

Make your life better!

We are committed to making extraordinary efforts every day to develop good use products to make your life easier and independent. We pay more attention every details of our every product, we take care of every aspect of your life.

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